Friday, July 22, 2005

Belgium's National Day, Brussels Military Parade

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Let Luxemburg be warned! The Belgians are ready. We have the men, the gear, and most of all, we have the resolve to attack and subdue the Grand Duchesse, which should be ours anyways. We didn’t win any war yet, but by Jingo, we would have if the Americans and the British hadn’t mingled with the Nazis. There is, however, a downside to this parade. Not that the fancy guns were without ammo, King Albert II knows all to well what happened with Sadat in Egypt. The real bad thing is that almost 50% of the 2005 fuel budget was used by this parade. And 100% of the cleaning detergent budget.

The Belgians are unique in many ways. What other country has a 50cm tall peeing boy (Manneken Pis) as its proud National Statue, defying all taboos of indecent exposure and pedophilia, and the size of grandeur? What other country would include fire brigades, police vehicles and ambulances in its parade? Sure, we are ready for War, but not for bloodshed. Our main contribution to World Peace would be writing traffic fines to suicide bombers and perform liposuctions on our over-aged fat-bellied military personnel.

As the Old Warrior (third last gallery picture) of WWII proudly told me, after my question whether he spoke Dutch: I’m Flemish of course, and we are the best!

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