Monday, July 18, 2005

Dane pei me seï Kodakske

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(in Brussels dialect)
Awel da was braa lank gelij dak nog es in Brussel geweist zèn. De zondag passei weïk was 't van da. En de comble, 't was verdekke vried schuu weir. 'k Hem maï giene sekond gambeteid, enfin vi ne metteko azzekik toch. E promenadeke gemokt van 't Park no de Central en de Galerees, dèn no de Gruute Mèt, en dèn vanaiges een ferme pint gon pakke in The Monk. De va et vient gezee en vuil potrette getrokke. Vuil zwètte en vrumde in 't Ingels, mais moi je me debrouille toujours hein. Je parle d'ailleurs les deux. Alai santei!

(in English)
[Title: That Dude With His Cam]. Last Sunday I spent an interesting afternoon in the Brussels hexagon shooting photos of people and places. The weather was jolly good, and loads of tourists enjoyed the sights in the crowded downtown streets. The walk went from the Brussels Park, over the Coudenberg, the Central Railway station, the St.Hubert shopping galleries and fancy eateries, the Grand Market Square, to wind down in my favorite bar 'The Monk'. Enjoy!

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Anonymous Fustigator said...

The statue on the Place Royale is not of Ambiorix but of Godfried of Boeljon!

But your photos are outstanding!

8:53 AM  
Blogger VH said...

Thank you Fusti. The wrong tagging has been corrected in the mean time.

11:36 PM  

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