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The Two Laws of Bart Croughs

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Ten years ago (1995), the Dutch publicist Bart Croughs wrote his book "For Women’s, Gay’s, and Allochthones’ sake” ("In de naam van de Vrouw, de Homo en de Allochtoon”, in Dutch). Croughs also writes for the Dutch libertarian weblog Meervrijheid. In English, the term allochthonous is used in geology and in cultural anthropology. In the Low Countries (included Belgium) on the other hand, it became a politically correct term referring to resident non-Caucasian immigrants or to their descendants, mostly Muslims. For the history and the etymology of the term allochthone, read here (par 2.a). (See however the comments for a remark from LVB about the exact translation of allochtoon).

The word has a heavy political newspeak load. For instance, for the politically correct left or progressive intellectuals, media, or politicians (in the US they would be called liberals) - it is racist and immoral to point out that half of inmates in Belgium are allochthones, and even more to suggest that Moroccan male youth is responsible for a disproportional high amount of the street crime in the Low Countries. In reporting such crime, most media now fail to mention the ethnic background of the perpetrators. Repeatedly mentioning such facts is considered to be a scapegoat-mechanism, and it has been judged racist by a higher Ghent (Flanders) appeal court, overriding the free speech principle as guaranteed by the Belgian constitution.

Croughs wrote his book a decade ago, in which he devised his two laws of liberal thinking, - long before 9/11 and Iraq, long before the collapse of the Dutch multicultural society model, and long before the brutal murder on Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim fundamentalist. The book is still highly relevant in explaining where Old Europe’s immigration model went the wrong way.

Law 1

The first law of Croughs is meant to explain the apparent contradiction between the claimed time-independency of our Western values (as they are perceived by the liberals), - and its place-dependency on the other hand. We should be "open” to the values and the culture of allochthones, not impose ours. To believe in the superiority of our own value system in dealing with allochthones and their place in our Western society is considered meddling, paternalistic, imperialistic and even (buzzword) racist. Instead, we should adopt the multicultural, multi-values society, and celebrate diversity.

But when it comes to time shifting, our Western values of respect for human rights suddenly appear to be absolute and eternal. Our colonization of Africa, the slavery period in American history, the tyranny of the Spanish in South America and the Philippines, they all are utterly bad. Suddenly, our contemporary Western values are time-independent. No arguing about values and political constellations at that particular time, the West was simply wrong, also then.

Hence the first law of Croughs, he called the Law of the Abject West. Whatever the West does, in any era or at any place, when confronted with a non-Western culture, it is always wrong. The law explains why only Caucasians can be racist, why the American slavery but not the Arab slavery of Blacks was wrong, why South Africa had to be boycotted but not Mugabe in Zimbabwe, why Muslims are right when they fly into skyscrapers, but we are wrong to defend our oil in Iraq, why the Burundi genocide was just a local clash, and probably the result of past Caucasian colonialism anyways. The West is wrong, always and everywhere. A recent example are statements by the London mayor. Speaking of a LondonStockholm syndrome.

Law 2

The second law of Croughs deals with oppressed minorities. Whenever there is a conflict between a minority and a majority, the liberal always supports the oppressed minority.

Even if they aren’t a minority in the numerical sense, like in the case of women. It’s the oppressed perception that counts. For instance the fact that most great inventors were Caucasian males makes women an oppressed minority in the liberal sense. When Bolkestein, many years back, wanted to promote the case of the poor elderly in Holland’s downtowns, he was ignored The elderly certainly form a minority, but they are autochthones. So they follow the fate of the Abject West. In fact, just applying these two rules explains many apparent contradictions in the liberal thinking.

Synergism of the Laws

Often, the two laws are synergistic. Allochthones are a clear minority in the Low Countries, and what’s more, they have a non-Western aura, so they are always right.

If a Moroccan car thief is caught with a smoking gun (literally), the Caucasian police officer that shoots him (it happened years back in Ghent), is a racist; the thief is a martyr – of course. Another high profile example: a 13-year old boy, part of a Brussels youth gang violently kills a man (Patrick Mombaerts) retrieving money from an ATM machine in Schaarbeek (Brussels suburb) in 1998. The boy gets off (4 years later, and in appeal, see here, in Dutch) with 120 hours of community service; the man is buried in his hometown with not even a single politician present. But the name of the boy was Achmed-something and the man was Patrick, so it figures.

Jews in Holland follow the same fate. They are untouchable. Hence the hilarious Anne Frank worshipping. But Israel is another pairs of shoes. In its conflict with the Palestinians, it is wrong by default, because it is considered a Western island in the Arab Middle East. So law 1 applies.

Collision of the Laws

The story becomes intriguing (at least for the liberals) when the two laws collide. The Rodney King case in LA (USA) was clear: an African American car thief resists arrest and is beaten up by a Caucasian policeman. The incident is taped and of course Law 1 of the Abject West applies. In the subsequent riots and looting by Blacks of Korean small businesses in the area however a conflict of laws arises. Both Koreans and Blacks are an oppressed and non-Western minority. But the liberal media are in disarray because they can’t conceive that the Blacks are just envying the Koreans who built up their own business from nothing in barely one generation, - while the Blacks themselves still hang around in slums selling dope 150 years after the abolishment of slavery.

Another case: clitorectomy of women by Muslims (euphemistically called female circumcision [can we then call a dick head removal a simple haircut too?]). A clear case of women contra Muslims, two oppressed groups, and both non-Western. Croughs was in a way prophetic, 8 years before the Dutch ex-Muslim circumcised Parliamentarian woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali featured in a film by Theo Van Gogh about her genital mutilation required by Islam, and had to hide for death threats afterwards. What happened to Van Gogh himself is history.

Again another funny case that gives liberals nightmares is Gays against Muslims. As is well known, gays are for Islam incarnations of Satan, and gay practices are still illegal or punishable by death in Muslim countries. Egypt scored badly in the headlines a few years back by a mass arrest of visitors to a gay disco on a boat on the Nile. Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, the UAE, Malaysia and India for instance still have rigid anti-sodomy laws and no liberal even cares. Of course they are non-Western and Muslim, so they must be right. The case becomes totally hilarious looking at the fierce liberal opposition to Catholic protest against Spain’s gay marriage law, and their polite modesty on the other hand about the repulsive public hanging of two gay boys in Iran on July 19.

And then there is the scarf. What to choose for? For women’s rights to walk around free without having to wear this annoying symbol of female oppression, or for Muslim rights (or rather, Muslim men’s right to jealousy)? A satire about all this can be read here (in Dutch).

Extension of the Laws to the Ethical Right

Finally, the nightmares of cognitive dissonance are created by the gods, not only to make left-wing fundamentalists suffer. One can wonder what side right-wing libertarian, Islamophobe and homophobe Paul Belien (see attachments of the article) will choose in the
Iranian gay teen hanging case. Speaking of stalemate.


In de naam van de Vrouw, de Homo en de Allochtoon, by Bart Croughs.
The two laws.


(Click to enlarge) the Abject West in action. An Australian retiree bargaining with an indigenous tribal girl at the Bukidnon border bus stop in Central Mindanao, Philippines.


Anonymous LVB said...

The English translation of "allochtoon" is "alien". In the late sixties or early seventies, there was a tv series called "UFO". When the hero of the series came in contact with an "alien" (i.e. an extraterrestrial), the Dutch subtitles translated this as "allochtoon". I had to look it up in a dictionary. In Dutch as well as in English, allochtoon/alien have both meanings: an extraterrestrial being, and a stranger. E.g. "non-resident alien" r "resident alien" in U.S. law.

I think the word "allochtoon" is also used for caucasian immigrants, e.g. eastern European.

2:51 PM  
Blogger VH said...

I did some Googling myself, and also some Webstering. "Alien" reminds me too much of the many SF-movies I love to devore. I just think "Allochthone" is a specif term for the Low Countries, and parts of Germany, just like "African American" for the US. I didn'tcome up with a better term for now, blogging is still not science.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Karel Jansens said...

As long as we're having a go at Hugo's English:

You're caught with a smoking gun, hardly ever catched.

Oh my, am I having fun... :)

Only joking, Hugo. It's a very good article and, as usual, picking at the itchy crust of politically correct inconsistencies.

1:55 AM  
Blogger VH said...

You caught me with a smoking spelling error. You are hereby promoted as my official unpaid proof reader ;-). See you on the party next saturday ;-)

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what Bart thinks of cybersquating domain sharks.

9:33 PM  

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