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Muslim terrorists *love* public transport

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Oops, they did it again.
It has been a while since Muslim terrorists threw around firecrackers in the Philippines. After last year’s ferry bombing in Manila Bay (killing more than 100) and after the Valentine’s Day bombings early 2005 (killing 24 people in Manila and in a Davao bus station) they kept quiet for a while. Although they kept plotting.

Baby one more time.
Apparently, their summer recess is over, with the help of the Indonesian Jemaah Islamiya. Last Wednesday, August 10, in Zamboanga City (Mindanao, the Mecca Of Terror) they struck again.

Video (wmv 5.1MB 320x240 37s): Davao bus station luggage search, March 2005, the month after the Valentine's Day bombings, ©VHfc. View here.

Media reports

(Read the story also here).
At around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, a homemade bomb exploded under a passenger jeepney, locally called "multicab," along Campaner Street, injuring five persons. The blast left a 10-inch deep crater.

The second explosion occurred in an inn on the second floor of a building on Mayor Climaco and Mercado streets. At least 21 people, mostly patrons of a Chowking restaurant below the pension house, were injured.

Lt. Gen. Alberto Braganza, Southern Command chief, said the bombings could be related to the arrest earlier of a suspected Abu Sayyaf bomber, identified as Alex Kahal.

Before the blasts, a suspected Abu Sayyaf member also sent letters to two local television stations, warning of bombings.

Breaking News (August 13). Heightened alert ordered in Manila, three other cities. (Read the full story here).
The capital Manila, the city of Cebu and the southern hubs of Davao and Zamboanga, which could be likely targets, are under particular watch, said Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's chief aide and head of the country's anti-terrorist task force. Malls, theaters, bus stations, and other public installations in these cities have been briefed about possible attacks, Ermita said.
The security clampdown came three days after suspected Abu Sayyaf militants set off two bombs in Zamboanga City, wounding 26.
"We don't want a repeat of what happened in Makati several months ago," Ermita said, referring to simultaneous Valentine's Day bomb attacks by the Abu Sayyaf in Manila's financial district, Davao, and General Santos cities. Six people died and dozens were wounded.
The Abu Sayyaf is a small gang of Islamic militants founded in the early 1990s. Over the years it has deteriorated into a gang specializing in kidnapping foreigners and carrying out random bombings, earning a spot in the US State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations.


Darling Abu Sayyaf certainly doesn’t like me, apparently. All the cities mentioned (Metro Manila, Cebu City, Davao and Zamboanga) are on my schedule next September till November. Muslims seem to be so fond of public transport, hitting by preference the poor and the innocent that can’t afford anything else than the cheap public busses, jeepneys, subways or trains.

It happened in London, it happened in Madrid, it happens in the Philippines all the time. They never hit the fancy 4WD’s nor the expensive air-cooled RV’s that the rich, corrupt and powerful (politicians) love to show off on the Manila or Cebu City dirty and jammed boulevards. They never hit the copper-plated high-rising corporate headquarters nor the Vuiton and Gucci malls in fancy Makati City, - the diplomat’s and cleptocratic elite’s heaven in Metro Manila.

Allah must hate the Juan Tamads and the Maria Claras that survive by bringing their fish and chicken to market so much. Or is he a trifle afraid of the machineguns next to the luxury stores in Makati, and less impressed by the drunks, the suckers, the kids and the beggars next to the public dry and wet fish and pork markets?

Think about it. Abu never downed a Philippine Airlines or a Cebu Pacific plane yet.


August 13: Soldier killed, 10 wounded in clashes with Abu Sayyaf.
August 12: 3 suspects held over Zamboanga bombings.
August 12: 10 Indonesians hunted in Zamboanga bombings.
August 11 : Terror plots against U.S. and U.K. in Philippines.
Security Watch Tower.
The Myth Of Islam Busted.


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Response to some remarks on a usenet group:

Lol Lol Lol wrote:

> Hi, I've browsed through the page... you don't really answer your own
> question.

Well is there an answer? You can ask questions without knowing the answers, and as far as I'm concerned, I have fewer answers and more questions the older I get.

> Actually I think there is a simple explanation to the fact that Muslim fancy
> public transports (btw in your list, you forgot 9/11 airplanes): it has to
> do with the life of The Prophet: in order to get money and girls He
> constantly attacked _caravans_.

Hahahaha. Well you have a point. But I honestly don't think it has to do with Islam as such. Terrorism is the war of the powerless, those without cruise missiles and satellites. Read some remarks on:
When the Prophet robbed caravans, it was probably because he was too powerless to rob Fort Knox ;-)

As to the Mindanao situation, the West largely exaggerates it. The few Muslim terrorists there are desperate and isolated. Even the MILF entered negotiations with the government in Kuala Lumpur last April, and they are both determined to produce results. The borderline between common criminality and religiously inspired fanaticism is often very thin. There was the case of the bus kidnapping on the Marawi-Iligan road last May. The robbers claimed to be Muslims, but they were just after the money, and some Marawi Imams turned them over to the police. In fact, Pinoy intelligence indicates that all real recent terrorism is very amateurish and done by a tiny Indonesian fraction of AQ, after the Bali bombing.

The Western media and governments do panick when they issue travel advisories against Mindanao. I never saw a single Western tourist in the Central Mountains, and they are gorgeous - like N.Wales, the Provence, and the Bavarian Alps. Of course, some areas are dangerous because of tribal tensions, communist guerilleros (NPA) or just plain robbery. But I have this little voice in me that keeps whispering that the US is just fabricating another hoax in Mindanao to fleshen-up their war on terror. But I might be wrong, of course.

Thanks for your comment.
Stay tuned on my Mindanao tales.

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