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So the past days I found myself in reach of a satellite TV and even near a working Net café. That is, a place with Net-connected PC's, with not too much loud screaming kids playing online games (preferably with 5 on a single isalang chair) inside, that doesn’t time out on every second web page access, and where the power brownouts are spaced at least 5 minutes apart.

Paris brûle-t-il? (here)

Finding out on BBC World (Asian version) that Paris and later France all over was plagued by extremely violent riots by “youth”, I had a hard time imagining why the placid and well educated French lycéens and collégiens suddenly would restage May 1968.
But aware of the fashionable West European political correct newspeak that apparently also has infested the objective BBC, I figured that the neutral "youth" stood for something else. Being robbed and/or beaten up by immigrant Moroccans myself on the streets in Antwerp, Brussels and Amsterdam, it wasn't hard at all to guess the ethnicity of the "youth" in question.

It took BBC World several days to mention reluctantly that it were in fact "immigrants" that manned those violent gangs of casseurs. Of course, this redundant statement was immediately followed by a procession of sturdy looking experts, social workers and venerable professors explaining eloquently that it was all our fault.

Because, as everybody knows or at least should know, - we, the abject post-Christian Westerners (1st Law of Bart Croughs) are the racists.
Not them, the enlightened children of Allah (His name be praised), ça va de soi.
We keep them unemployed and in poor houses with less than 3 bathrooms and no jacuzzi. Imagines! We stubbornly refuse to assimilate into Eurabia's coming? Islamic culture and its Shari'a. Quite rightfully, one should burn a thousand cars per night for less. And so they did.

At least CNN (Asian version) was more straight and to the point. They spoke all the time about rioting gangs composed of youngsters of North-African descent. Who said American media were biased and European media were not?

Jungle sounds.

And then there was the "racism" incident in a Spanish soccer stadium where the crowd started to imitate monkey sounds when a black (sorry, a new European of sub-Sahara African descent) player scored a goal or did something wrong, whatever. The match was halted and the No Racism sign appeared in large characters on the scoreboard, as if an act of blasphemy was committed by those melanin deficient bastards. Gasp.

It might have escaped the stadium supervisors that by interpreting the joyful and original animal sounds uttered by the crowd as being "racist", - they themselves proved to have a racist mindset. In fact, they assumed that the black player stood closer to the ape than the white ones on a Darwinian evolutionary scale, and that the monkey sounds per se were addressed to the black guy.

Would the British soccer supporters that killed about 50 Italians in a Brussels stadium back in 1985 also have been racists? Imagine the turmoil if the victims were not pasta-eaters but Ghanese.

The White West is supposed to pay, to donate, to understand, to embrace, and to assimilate into all World cultures, on condition that they are not European and not US. Doing less would be racist indeed.
And we aren't racists of course, n’est-ce pas, monsieur Mugabe?

Posted in the Philippines. The Belgian anti-"racism" laws crippling free speech are not applicable here. Don't try this at home.


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Glad to see you're back, Hugo. Not that I have anything to add to your comments above, of course.

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Blogger Michael said...

Thought your head had been cut off by Abu Sayyaf. Don't you worry if that happens!!!!! I'll send flowers.

Welcome back.

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