Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tingnan nalang natin

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It has been quite a while since this blog has been updated. Neither writers fatigue nor lack of inspiration, but South-East Asian travel far from the Net and satellite TV is responsible for this gap.

On a motorbike through wonderful Mindanao, surfing the giant waves of Pacific Cloud 9, barely surviving the streets of ugly, unsafe, polluted and criminal Manila, fighting a bronchitis in General Luna, bitten all over by nasty tropical mosquitoes [I start a one man guerilla if those useless creatures ever enter the list of endangered species] - I had it all.

Time and energy permitting, I will post some stories and observations later about the circus "democracy" in the Philippines, about the pathetic political soap around its president Gloria, about the do's and the don'ts in Flanders' sister ex-Spanish colony, and about the biggest hoaxes of this idiosyncratic archipelago. GETSCREWEDphilippines: eventually, you learn to love to hate it.

Tingnan nalang natin, let’s just wait and see.






Photos all from Mindanao, October-November 2005.


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