Saturday, February 04, 2006

What's so special about Allah?

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There are Jews in the world, there are Buddhists,
There are Hindus and Mormons and then,
There are those that follow Mohammed,
But I've never been one of them...

(Every sperm is sacred - ©Monty Python -
another great religious parody

Muhammad's life

What's so special about Allah and about Muhammad then? We can parodize Thor, Freya, the Pope, Vishnu, Jews, Yahweh, Michael Jackson, Buddha, gays, George Bush, fat guys, politicians, French military victories. Why for heavens sake should Allah and Muhammad be exempted then from parody? Whether it's tasteful or not, or whether insulting to some is not at stake here. Opinions or parody for that matter will always shock somebody somewhere.

If Muhammad objects, he can always sue me with a copy of the birth certificate of Aisha, stating she was indeed way over 6 when he raped married her.

If depicting Muhammad is a blasphemy, well, nobody asked Muslims to depict him. For the rest of us who don’t believe in the Religion of Submission, it’s our freedom and our privilege to do so, and we do as we wish. If the sight of their Prophet shocks Muslims, - well, nobody asks them to look, did we?

And what’s this fuzz about anyways? Muhammad cartoons have been all over all the time. Better, sharper even, and funnier than the ones by the Jyllands-Posten. Check out the cartoons of Abdullah Aziz on the
There have been videogames featuring Muhammad in Holy War, raunchy cartoons, comic strips, and real hard stuff mocking Muhammad (overview on near the bottom). Also, take the opportunity to have a look at the work of infidel artist D.T.Devareaux.
Let us repeat again and again: there is absolutely no question of stigmatising Islam and Muslims. Religion is not the issue here but intolerance.
Journalists of the French newspaper Libération (that published Muhammad cartoons)

Editorial cartoons exist to challenge political thought and expose hypocrisy. Among religions, Islam should be the least protected from this form of speech, as it insists on involving itself in temporal political matters wherever it is practiced. Indeed, it insists on dictating political and legal matters, usually in the most extreme terms, and it uses the life of Mohammed as its claim on political and legal supremacy. Christianity hasn't taken that position in centuries, focusing on the spiritual and individual rather than group diktat.
(Captain's Quarters, thanks to DOF).

By the way, have a Carlsberg. After the Flemish beers and the Filipino San Miguel, it’s undoubtedly the best beer in the world. Cheers!


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